Become A Partner

Why Partner Us?

As an organization, we do not believe in short term solutions. Instead, we focus on lasting change through sustainable solutions for the mobilisation and empowerment of children and communities.

There are many ways in which you can partner Bandhu India Parivar and make a contribution towards a better society and towards the future of a lot of children’s associated with us

What makes Bandhu India the ideal Partner:-

We’re transparent as all our financials are on the public domain which are annually audited internally & externally. Our programmes are regularly monitored to ensure efficient utilisation of funds

We strive for lasting change by focusing on mobilisation and empowerment of children & communities, through sustainable interventions

Having a partner like you can really go a long way in our fight to protect & empower every child

If none of the partnership options suit you, please drop in your details with our Partnerships Team by email or online and let’s discuss new ways of working together for the underprivileged children.

Our partnership can be a new start for children, and that’s what we can together provide for many more children who still aren’t able to go to school and live in dangerous conditions on the street, vulnerable to abuse of all kinds.

Our following Programs can be adopted by your company to support us.

1. Become a Corporate Partner.
2. Become a Programmed Partner.
3. Adopt an Interaction Point.
4. Take the School to Children
5. Support an underprivileged Family.
6. Let’s support Children’s Play for the hunt of talent.
7. Buy a Meal, Bring a Smile

Become a Corporate Partner

We are seeking partners to share in our mission — to protect & empower every child in India and give them the opportunities what they deserve to make NEW INDIA.

Some of our programmes are supported by our corporate partners to meet their objectives and ours — while telling a powerful story of a business that does well. Whether your company is seeking a trusted grassroots organisation, a signature citizenship campaign or a cause marketing alliance, we tailor our partnerships to meet your goals and create engaging activities that are easy to implement and monitor.

Our corporate partners appreciate our:

• Customized approach that’s responsive to their needs
• Credible reputation in places we work
• internationally recognized high-impact sustainable programmes
• Track record of successful corporate partnerships

Become a Programmed Partner

We stand for Lasting Change – We focus on mobilisation and empowerment of communities, through sustainable interventions, thereby ensuring lasting change.

Adopt an Interaction Point (IP)

We call the places where we teach our children, Interaction Points. Children too like Bandhu India IP if given an opportunity to spread their colourful wings and showcase their talents, can go places.

How can you help?

The cost of running such Interaction points accrues mainly from the teacher fees, battery operated fans, Chairs, foldable white boards, books, mats, study trips, food arrangements etc. We need sponsors to adopt such Interaction points so that more children can get the education they deserve and be part of New India.

Take the School to Children

If the children cannot come to school, let us take the school to them

Bandhu India’ Mobile Education Programme, known as Mobile Learning Centre (MLC) reaches out to children in the remotest areas of Delhi, UP, Orissa, Bengal & Uttarakhand to bring out of school children and children affected by disasters in the education net by providing quality education till the last mile. All children are mainstreamed to formal schools gradually.

Mobile Education is the “Gateway of Knowledge” that reaches out to children in remotest areas through a personalized human touch. Holistic education is delivered to drop outs and never been to school children at their doorstep. Mobile schools make it possible for children in remote areas to have access to – education software, laptops, LCD TV, Children’s library and other recreational materials.

Support a underprivileged Family

Year after year, migration from villages to cities in search of a better livelihood and future has separated children from their families. Poverty, low education, domestic violence, as well as lack of proper child care & support systems often force families to live under city flyovers, leaving them and their children especially in vulnerable conditions.

Left unaddressed, they reduce the ability of children and families to achieve financial self-sufficiency and empowerment, thereby trapping them in cycles of poverty and abuse.

Bandhu India Parivar often come across such families while working with children on the ground and is trained in handling such cases.


Bandhu India Flyover Programme tries to provide transitional housing and support services for homeless families especially women and their children who have been victims of domestic violence, assisting these families to achieve safety, stability, and long-term self-sufficiency.

How can you help?

The cost of finding and sponsoring individual shelters for homeless families is huge and needs sponsorship. It can be in the form of sponsoring the rent of a 1 room house for a particular period, sponsoring food, clothing, emergency healthcare service etc.

By sponsoring our Flyover Programme, you will be helping a child and his/her family exit a cycle of generational poverty & illiteracy and help restore people’s faith in humanity.